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Kitchen Designs in South Africa


Tips to Design the Perfect Kitchen for Your House

Beautiful "Kitchen Designs in South Africa"

We at NuovaCasa try to provide our clients with the best Kitchen Designs in South Africa because by not having the right kitchen design can lead to many long-term problems, such as lack of door opening or closing space, counter space, storage space for pantry items, or bad natural or artificial lighting. We should not neglect the fact that the kitchen is a workplace, as well as a space for leisure and fun, and that it is important to have a place not so big but well arranged in order to cook at ease.


To build the ideal kitchen, you don't have to be an expert designer, but it requires a good deal of organisation , planning and rational thinking to create a luxury kitchen. Therefore, and in order not to forget everything you need to be able to build the perfect kitchen, do not skip our suggestions below.

5 Key Tips for Successful Kitchen Planning


In order to predict any mistakes that might occur before ordering the kitchen furniture, experts in the design of luxury kitchens, rigorously plan the design of each kitchen. Making design mistakes means recalling the mistake we made everyday when designing the colour of the countertop, the position of the appliances, the sink and the tap or some other decision.


The path to your dream kitchen's success and achievement is focused on a good detailed design process which should include all the following (at a minimum):


Plan your lighting right from the start 

As we said, good lighting in the kitchen is of vital importance, so take all the time necessary to think about the lighting scheme that your kitchen needs before starting the project, never after. If you make a mistake in the order, it is likely that your cooking space ends up being an impractical or dingy place, with insufficient lighting to cook comfortably.


The key to a successful kitchen lighting scheme is to find the right hue for the LED lights so that they don't turn out to be too cold or too warm and inviting. You can also mix two environments to have a more suitable lighting for the day and a more practical one for the night.


Also opt for the design of independent and adjustable light circuits, so that you can illuminate certain areas of the kitchen when you need it without having to illuminate the entire room.


Decide the position of the appliances from the beginning

Before carpentry and electrical work commences, it is necessary to choose the template and placement of all appliances. In this way, after the walls are plastered or the floors laid, you can ensure that you have all the requisite power outlets, or ventilation points. 


Don't forget natural light

One can never forget ambient daylight, no matter how many light circuits you add in your kitchen. Always aim for a nice natural light entrance that illuminates all sides, if possible. This would be the simplest way, perfect for any sort of kitchen, to create a calming and comfortable lighting sensation. A reasonable option is to insert false light panels (that can imitate direct sunlight) into the ceiling if there is not enough space, and have the luminosity fill it from above, or put walls that have glass or crystal panels so that natural light can pass through from other rooms of the house.


Functionality before style and beauty

Above all, kitchens need to have great functionality, well beyond their elegance or style, so it is recommended to always think about design as a goal, and once this is finished, think about the specifics that are more aesthetically connected. Think well about how you or your family are going to use that kitchen, the amount of times you are going to move through it, cook in it, etc., or build circumscribed areas for every use, particularly when it's an open design.

Think about how you use your kitchen every day

It is very important to spend some time reflecting and carefully think about the shape and layout that we want a kitchen to have, since if they make mistakes, once they have furniture, appliances and others built, they will have a very difficult solution. Play with numerous design choices, before settling on what you feel would better suit your lifestyle.

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